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1. To ensure a super safe environment for you to try on dresses, we will charge a £25 appointment fee, which will go towards your dress rental.

2. Visiting ONS is a one on one experience. Only three individual and exclusive appointments will be taken per day, in different sizes enabling tried on dresses to be quarantined for a 48 hour breathing space. Dresses will then be steamed before being worn again. 

3. You may bring a guest with you to the fitting, who can help you get in and out of dresses, otherwise either myself or Jess will help you with those zips and fiddly buttons, whilst wearing a full face covering and gloves. 

4. As always dresses are clean on the rails as they are laundered in house on rental return. 

5. On arrival you will be asked to wash your hands and social distancing will be observed.


Yes, you absolutely need to come for a fitting! Formal evening dresses and ball gowns come in such a variety of shapes, cuts and colours that it’s impossible to judge from a picture just how it will look and feel on your body. They are so different from everyday clothing that normal rules do not apply. Silhouettes and colours that you would not normally choose can be magically transforming. 

Interior at Flood Street, Chelsea

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Cracking The Dress Code

When you book an appointment you’ll tell us your dress size and the event you are attending so that we can have the right dress rails ready for you. We will preselect a few dresses to get things started.

Joanna, Jess and Elizabeth have all the expertise you need to find the perfect dress for your event, whether it’s an evening wedding, black tie dinner, white tie gala or even a James Bond, Hollywood Glamour or 1920s -themed evening.

How It Works

  • You should allow 50 minutes for your fitting. Bring your heels!
  • Appointments at our private studio on Flood Street may be booked from Monday to Friday, 10:30 to 18:30, and Saturday from 10:00 to 14:00. 
  • Minor alterations to ensure best fit are usually included in the hire price, as long as we have time to do it. More complex alterations, such as hemming, take longer and will be charged for.
  • You may reserve up to 15 weeks in advance. We check for duplication at the same event.
  • The average hire fee for evening dresses is about £180, sometimes a little higher for a fancier ball gown.
  • Your hire period is 3-4 days, giving you time to collect, wear and return it easily. We can arrange Royal Mail Next Day delivery or courier service at cost.
  • Prom & Uni balls and parties in June-July require an appointment fee of £35. It will be credited back to you when you make your hire payment.
  • We offer damage cover of £10 per dress hire in case you’re worried about dropping a canape down your front or putting a heel through the hem. As long as you return the dress on time, you’re covered.
  • Formal wear tips and tricks are free!

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