Midnight Blue Gown For Russian Ball, London

Blue ball gown worn at Russian Ball, London. Tulle bodice with boat neck and sequins.
Getting ready for the Russian Ball, London, Jess Heydel looking beautiful in a blue floral ball gown.

Jessica wore this beautiful blue floral ball gown to the Russian Ball, London. The gown’s boat-neck sits elegantly on her shoulders giving Jessica a very flattering top-line. Although covered shoulders are de rigueur only for ultra-formal events, like diplomatic banquets, doing so here adds an extra touch of class.

The bodice shows a little skin but is covered up enough so you don’t feel too bare. It’s sprinkled with navy blue sequins which twinkle subtly with every movement.

The tulle skirt falling over a lace fabric gives this dress a vintage feel. Jess took our advice and wore only earrings and simple bracelet; a necklace with this dress would fuss it up too much. Gorgeous dress and it looks beautiful on our girl.

Русский Бал в Лондоне

Posh Russian society seems to love their Debutante Balls as much as the Brits used to and they hold several Russian Balls around the World every year. This one was at Old Billingsgate Hall, near London Bridge, before the event moved to Grosvenor House in Mayfair. Frosty UK-Russian relations scuppered the Russian Ball for 2018 and it’s still on ice in 2019. Visit the Russian Ball, London website for signs of rapprochement.

The Russian Debutante Ball (Martin Parr, Magnum Photos)
Martin Parr has done a lovely piece about the 2016 bash: The Russian Debutante Ball (Martin Parr, Magnum Photos)

Video of the 2014 Ball (Varna Studios):