Dress For A Formal Dinner?

This slinky halter-neck dress in burgundy jersey hugs your figure comfortably & all of the detail is on the top. Perfect for a formal dinner!
“Thank you so much for all your advice and direction to find the prefect dress which left me feeling relaxed and fabulous.”

How about this slinky halter-neck dress in burgundy jersey? Although it hugs your figure, it does so rather gracefully, and the cut comfortably leaves a little room for supper. A beautifully beaded petal shaped collar around the halter-neck accentuates the shoulders, showing a little skin, just enough to satisfy decorum.

Top Table

This is a great dress for a sit-down formal dinner because all of the detail is on the upper half of the dress and it has a chic neckline. Burgundy red isn’t a colour she would normally wear. There was a slight hesitation, truth be told, but she absolutely loved it when she put it on!

The combination of autumn hues worked well with her skin-tone and hair colour, so with this in mind we paired it with a champagne chiffon scarf to keep off the London winter chill.