Fresh Dressing For Medical Graduation Ball

The look in his eyes said it before he did: “I can’t take another dress shop. You’re my last hope!” Kiana and her beau had been foraging London’s usual high street offerings for dressing up to his Medical Graduation Ball.

And now they were getting worried.

“What about hiring? Where you can actually try the dresses on?” She phoned us and came in for an appointment that same day.

Kiana wanted a silk or a satin dress, classy, a bit glam, but nothing over-the-top or too fussy. She hadn’t been to many events like this so she wanted to look and feel fab without making too much of a fuss. We tried a few different styles to see what worked best and found this one fairly quickly.

This satin gown, with plunging V-neck, has a knotted effect at the front which wraps around to tie up at the back. Pulling you in at the waist, the skirt then gently falls from the hips. The free flowing silky fabric drapes down to the floor for a dreamy effect.

Like many of our clients, they were both surprised at how quick and pleasurable the process can be when you’ve got a whole room of expertly selected evening dresses to chose from. We look forward to seeing Kiana again soon for her next event and save those tiresome trips to the shops.

Result: one happy Kiana and one happy boyfriend!